Many organisations remain concerned about cloud security issues, but the success of the Magic Orange cost transparency solution in Microsoft Azure is helping to change their minds. Magic Orange is a solution that shows the full allocation chain for products and services to business, the complex reciprocal charges which are commonplace in modern IT and enables customers not only to understand these costs, but also to act on them. In essence, this enables informed and fact-based strategic and tactical decisions around IT investments. “It is not limited to costs either, it is equally adept at helping businesses to improve performance and increase efficiencies”, summarizes Blake Davidson, Head of Delivery at Magic Orange. “A key driver in helping to achieve this is the fact that Magic Orange is a cloud-based solution, hosted in Microsoft Azure. The beauty here is that it ensures that customers pay only for what they use, while at the same time being capable of scaling to meet increased or decreased demands. Ultimately what this means is that businesses are enabled to serve their customers better, and potentially at a lower cost, than their competitors.” Davidson adds that Magic Orange touts the benefits of Azure cloud due to the numerous successful implementations it has already undertaken with large enterprises. These include key players in the insurance, retail and financial services sectors. “Remember that these entities have long viewed the cloud as an obstacle, due to security and data sovereignty issues. With Microsoft opening Azure data centers here in South Africa, many of these fears are evaporating now, due to Magic Orange’s role as a ‘catalyst application’, which has helped to highlight the discussion around putting key data into the cloud in the first place.” “We have obviously undertaken security architecture reviews in these various enterprises and thus have a clear understanding of both the issues these organisations are most concerned about here and how we can help alleviate these worries via Azure. We also have a strong relationship with Microsoft and are even able to assist the company’s own account managers with use cases they can take to any new prospects that may still have concerns around moving to the cloud,” says Davidson. This view is backed up by Microsoft Account Manager for Financial Services, who describes working with Magic Orange like this: “It is rare today to get honest feedback and appreciation, something Magic Orange is happy to provide. It is a pleasure working with the company and supporting its solution and is something we are certainly happy to continue doing in the years to come.”