Press Release – To nfiniti3 and Beyond

Magic Orange has secured a strategically important partnership with Dallas-based nfiniti3, as it continues to grow its footprint globally through a growing network of trusted partners. As an enterprise with long standing experience and competence in understanding the importance of improved profitability and cost transparency, nfiniti3 is ideally positioned to deliver the Magic Orange solution to clients in the US market.

Magic Orange holds an impressive track record in delivering cost transparency solutions into major banks, as well as to Blue Chip enterprises in the asset management, insurance and retail sectors.

According to Ken Jarvis, Director of Magic Orange Corporation, the company chose to partner with nfiniti3 as it is a business that helps customers to define digital strategies, optimize investment in digital technology and mitigate digital risk, by improving IT and Shared Service performance and overall company results.

“We noted their work with IT and business leaders, helping these players and their organizations to achieve greater levels of operational excellence, by using the wealth of their data resources in ways that were not previously possible. You could say that nfiniti3 simplifies how organizations access information, analyze it   and use it to achieve their business purpose,” Jarvis says.

“They are an ideal partner, as they are industry-leading experts who provide a range of advisory, consulting, implementation and automation services in the field of cost transparency. This is an approach that drives cost savings, reduces complexity, fuels innovation and greatly improves customer experience, which in turn leads to increased profits.”

The partnership will be on full display when the two organizations exhibit and demonstrate the Magic Orange solution at the Service Management World conference, which takes place between 9 and 13 November 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Service Management World sets the standard for performance improvement at both the organizational and professional levels, adds Jarvis.

David Cannon, Executive Vice President at nfiniti3 explains that it is important to be able to report costs in ways that clearly demonstrate Shared Services value. To this end, those costs must be linked to how business goals are achieved, particularly profitability. The problem here, he adds, is that particularly the IT budget isn’t usually designed to show this, which makes it difficult for IT leaders to get the point across.

Every IT or Shared Service cost is there for a reason, he says, such as to manufacture products, sell services, comply with regulatory requirements, protect intellectual property, support customers and of course manage the organization.

“The goal is to change financial reports for IT and Shared Services to show their value rather than cost. Cost Transparency is the ideal tool to demonstrate this value.”

Business leaders welcome discussions about IT finance, continues Jarvis, pointing out that the more they understand, the more they feel they have control, and the more they will be willing to discuss alternatives.

“What Magic Orange does is it offers organizations the ability to create visibility and understanding regarding the costs and volumes of their entire shared service portfolio, so that the business can make informed and fact-based strategic and tactical decisions regarding its investments.”

“We look forward to leveraging our partnership with Magic Orange to deliver this kind of value to enterprises in the US market, enabling them to unlock greater value from existing IT and other Shared Services investments and deliver increased savings in the future,” Cannon concludes.