Press Release – Cost Transparency Brought to you by Spend Optics

Magic Orange has positioned itself as a progressive, cloud-based profitability and cost transparency solution with an impressive track record of clients, including 4 major international banks as well as large companies in the asset management, insurance and retail sectors. As the next step in its strategy to grow its footprint globally through a network of trusted partners, the organization has announced the signing of a strategically important partnership with Spend Optics, California based consultancy business.

Ken Jarvis, Director of Magic Orange Corporation, suggests that together, these two entities will intently focus on transforming the way businesses across the United States view profitability and costs.

“Spend Optics is the ideal partner for Magic Orange, as it is a company that offers services built around a cloud-based system, designed to drive transparency and simplicity into enterprises’ profitability and costing processes,” Jarvis says.

“Through a collaborative process, Spend Optics helps its clients to discover the drivers of cost and profitability. These then enable those companies to provide easy to understand insights to all their business units and stakeholders. This level of Cost Transparency, in turn, unlocks cost optimization opportunities for businesses, by producing targeted, actionable information relating to business costs,” Jarvis concludes.

To cement their partnership and introduce potential customers to the benefits of Cost Transparency, Magic Orange and Spend Optics will be exhibiting and demonstrating the solution at the Service Management World conference,, which takes place between 9 and 13 November 2019 in Orlando, Florida. It is important for the partners to be seen at this strategic event, continues Jarvis, as Service Management World sets the standard for performance improvement at both the organizational and professional levels.

Lyle Dixon-Smith, Vice President at Spend Optics, adds “We are eager to establish Magic Orange as an affordable IT Cost Transparency solution that can either embrace well known IT cost allocation frameworks such as Gartner’s IT Financial Management (ITFM) or Technology Business Management (TBM) or indeed tailor the allocation model and framework around the clients’ needs.”

“ITFM and TBM are some of the paths to better IT financial and business management. Aligning to these can allow software vendors to deliver enhanced automated business processes that lead to improved business decisions. The Magic Orange solution certainly has that capability,” concludes Dixon-Smith.