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Proven IT Finance is the leading IT Financial Management consulting, professional and managed services firm in North America, with deep experience working with large enterprises and public organizations to assess the value of IT, to optimize IT capacity and utilization, and to identify areas of cost reductions and efficiencies.

Proven IT Finance is a consulting and services firm that specializes in one thing: IT Financial Management (ITFM). We work with our clients to develop and strengthen ITFM strategies, assess their practices and prioritize areas for improvement, fully manage and execute upon their ITFM practice, and provide professional services around ITFM and TBM software tools.

Proven IT Finance uses its Blueprint for ITFM Success as its proven methodology to advise clients on furthering their ITFM maturity, allowing for greater cost transparency, for improved alignment and decision-making among stakeholders, and for optimization of IT spend for improved profitability. Elements of the Blueprint include:

• Cost Model
• ITFM Processes
• Data Management
• Financial Activities
• Operational Activities
• Reporting
• Analytics
• Adoption & Integration
• Decision Optics


Management Consulting:
• Strategy & roadmap development
• ITFM / TBM maturity assessments
• Scorecards
• High impact stakeholder reporting
• Expert analytics & data interpretation
• Demonstrated paths to success
• Support & mentoring of leadership in effective communication of value

Value Insights Managed Service:
• High-impact monthly reports & dashboards, customized for each stakeholder
• Executive mentoring re: how best to leverage the reporting both inside and outside IT
• We hold the software license and manage it
• Our expert analytics – hours per month
• Data extracts for your own additional BI needs
• Fully managed service up and running in 90 Days

Professional Services:
• Platform evaluation & selection guidance
• Design & implementation of your selected software
• Software education on dashboard creation & report generation
• Managed Operational Support Services – monthly ad hoc hours to support your team with software operations and support

Address: 20 South Third Street, Suite 210, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 888.958.1060